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Productive cooperation between two leading attorneys, Adv. Yifat Schwartzbrad and Adv. Eyal Ben Yehuda Baum




Adv. Yifat Schwartzbrad, and Adv. Eyal Ben Yehuda Baum represents apartment owners in complex transactions for urban renewal, evacuation and construction and Master Plan 38.


The essence of our activity on this issue is sales agreements, combination transactions including Master Plan 38, and urban renewal.

The field of urban renewal is a complicated and complex issue which necessitates, on the one hand, considerable experience and crises management, legal know-how, and a deep understanding of the municipal field while understanding the needs of the initiator, and on the other hand preserving the interests of the tenants of the project, so that they shall not be deprived during the works while preserving the surrounding areas of the property appropriate for housing during the property renewal period.

The role of the attorney leading such projects is to be a waymarker who leads, at the end of the day, to success; to the conclusion of the project and to the enhancement of the property for the tenants as promised.


Representation of objectors to the Master Plan 38 projects:


Adv. Eyal Ben Yehuda Baum is involved in many representations of residents committees and as a result of his comprehensive knowledge and experience in the field of real estate, he works tirelessly in managing transactions and reaching the best agreement on the issue of urban renewal.


Adv. Baum has accumulated a reputation inter alia as an attorney who protects the objectors to projects by virtue of Master Plan 38 - having a comprehensive acquaintance with the process while forming strategy and tactics with the objector which leads at the end of the process to success.


Specifically due to the fact that our office controls representation of residents committees, when a resolution is taken to represent an objector, we support the objector  resolutely not only as a passive objector who is defending himself in a trial but rather also as an active objector who sometimes initiates a claim himself against harm to his property and all this when paying full heed to his distress until finding a solution which will satisfy him.​

Real Estate Law

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