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Representation of foreign investors and asset management. Our firm acquires assets and manages them for investors abroad. A client manager from abroad will be a contact person with full command of the English language as a mother tongue and under the guidance of Adv. Baum regularly handles the case and updates the clients with regular updates on contracts, collection, and maintenance of the property. The client will sit close to the property. Skilled staff who renovate the property when needed, first-class architects plan for the clients the renovation if necessary while fully meeting the needs.


In addition, our office performs through a supervisor and supervises the customers while maintaining and adhering to the interests of the customer, for these services we charge a monthly fee from the tenants

For customers.

Representation of Israeli investors in Georgia Our firm has been cooperating for several years with a leading local law firm in opening doors in Georgia to Israeli investors, our firm has many years of understanding of local culture and will guide the Israeli investor in choosing his local partners closely with the local law firm.


Property manage-ment

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