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Abstract Structure

Divorce is a dramatic and traumatic event. An experience of a type of loss - there are those who compare it to the feeling of mourning for a person who has passed. This experience is accompanied by harsh emotional distress and for the most part financial difficulties.


In order to advise an individual in such a deep crisis, considerable sensitivity is required. Legal knowledge is insufficient. Adv. Roey Bar-Tal who is practised and knowledgable in this sensitive and painful field has unfortunately accumulated considerable experience on this issue and brings to his role his personality, succeeds in helping his clients over and over again who have encountered this life crisis with respect, sensitivity and significant expertise.


“As a professional when I come to advise a client in crisis I firstly examine all the elements and desires of the client; I build a strategy and from this derive tactics. Life experience and business experience allow me to analyze the situation from all aspects (including compromises which could be needed in the best interests of the children etc).


During the work itself I must throw light on the client and differentiate between agitation and rational actions required with the objective of awarding the client the best results for him.”


An attorney with many years experience in administering divorce cases gives his clients maximum information, and appropriate guidance and for this purpose we are in contact with the best of the external consultants required including: psychologists, land surveyors, accountants, actuaries etc.


“For the best results in negotiations and the agreement that develops which will have far reaching consequences for the client - he must be guided into a safe haven with the fewest errors possible en route.”.



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