About the firm:

Our office is one of the boutique law offices in Israel engaged, inter alia, in the fields of civil law, real estate including sales agreements, urban renewal, property management (apartments, houses etc) for clients living overseas and representation of property owners in promoting Master Plan 38 projects.

Furthermore our office is engaged in all issues relating to family laws including family disputes, family mediation and prenuptial agreements, wills and inheritances.

The office staff amalgamates attorneys with considerable professional knowhow, experience and creativity.

Our world-view puts the interests of the client first and foremost and as a consequence the client receives personal and close support at every phase of the legal proceedings and/or transaction being executed.

Our office has comprehensive and rich experience, considerable legal experience and business experience in real estate companies, contractors, representations of apartment buildings, finance institutions, companies and representation for entrepreneurs and potential projects and partnerships. Our office is attentive to the needs of business people, property owners and private clients.

Our office is located in Ramat Hasharon and serves as a “home” for many business entities, such as investors interested in investment channels and projects searching for an investor. Our office has attained not insignificant success by connecting between various entities by means of identification of shared interests, consultation and guidance.

Every day we receive recognition and respect for providing personal relations including dedication, loyalty and a close relationship with each of our clients, as well as praise for professionalism, determination and creativity designed to realize and execute the objectives of our clients.